The Opportunity Rover Lives On as 'Dungeons & Dragons' Creature

The Opportunity Rover's mission might have ended last week, but it can still live on in your Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

Earlier this week, NASA declared that the Opportunity Rover's mission on Mars had ended. The plucky rover had landed on Mars in early 2004 for a planned 90 day mission, but it drove around the surface of the red planet for over 15 years, taking photos, completing valuable surveys, and capturing the hearts of thousands of engineers and space enthusiasts around the globe.

Unfortunately, the plucky little rover was lost to a massive dust storm, and was declared lost when engineers couldn't wake it up in the storm's aftermath. However, Opportunity's mission can live on in Dungeons & Dragons thanks to a creative homebrew statblock.

WalrockHomebrew posted a Fifth Edition stat block for the rover on Twitter earlier this weekend, complete for an explanation as to how Opportunity wound up in a fantasy world. A brief story explains Opportunity's "disappearance" as getting sucked into a planar rift and appearing (albeit damaged) in a fantasy world instead.

Opportunity only has a challenge rating of 1/8, but it does have a couple of useful opportunities. As an observational rover, Opportunity has the ability to see invisible creatures and creatures in the Ethereal Plane. It can also see through illusions and is able to see the true form of creatures.


As a CR 1/8 creature, Opportunity doesn't have much in terms of offensive abilities. It can ram itself into opponents or scratch at foes using its rock abrasion tool. However, as a construct, it does have some decent defensive capabilities. It's immune to Psychic and Poison Damage and resistant to both hot and cold damage, but it is vulnerable to lightning damage.

You can check out the full statblock below: