'Apex Legends' Leak Hints at Rocket Launchers

Apex Legends seems poised to have a new rocket launcher weapon added at some point, according to information datamined from the game’s files.

The Twitter account ApexLeaksNews that’s known for leaking information pertaining to the game after digging through the files found that there’s a line of code which references different weapons. Among other weapons that are already in the game, there was a line that referenced the rocket launcher weapon.

ApexLeaksNews’ tiny, tiny image below shows a snapshot of the code, but the most relevant part to take note of is near the middle where it says “mp_weapon_rocket_launcher” right beside references to other weapons like the powerful Mastiff.

Several other names in the code might look brand new, but the user said they’re all simply code names for existing weapons like the Flatline, Triple Take, and G7 Scout. There’s nothing remotely similar to a rocket launcher in Apex Legends’ weapon pool though, so it appears this is a totally new weapon.

For those who have played other battle royale games, it shouldn’t be too surprising to see that rocket launchers could possibly be added. Fortnite, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout, and other games often feature rocket launchers in some shape or form, though both of those titles have vehicles or structures that can be destroyed easily with the launchers. There have been hints of vehicles coming to Apex Legends in the past, but without confirmation of that feature being added, we can only assume rocket launchers will be used to blanket an area with explosive damage.

Rocket launchers themselves haven’t been confirmed yet to be a weapon that’s actually being added to Apex Legends, though there’s a lot that could happen in Season 1 since it’s supposed to start this month. Players even have an idea of when it might start and when the battle pass will drop, though like most other features pertaining to Apex Legends including new characters, Respawn Entertainment hasn’t confirmed anything yet.



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