Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Update Releases New Operation on All Platforms, Brings Back Alcatraz

There’s a new Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 update releasing on Tuesday that’ll now bring the latest Operation to the platforms other than the PlayStation 4. Operation Spectre has been live on Sony’s console for a while now after it was first revealed towards the end of April, and Treyarch’s now poised to release it on the Xbox One and PC. The same update is also bringing back the Alcatraz map that was removed from the Blackout game mode.

Treyarch laid out the plans for this week’s Black Ops 4 update on Twitter and detailed the contents of the new Operation, Blackout changes, and the arrival of a new Zombies Gauntlet. All of that as well as the Prop Hunt mode that’s coming to other platforms later in the week has been live on the PlayStation 4 already with the exception of the Alcatraz map which was once there before being completely removed.

The trailer at the top which was released alongside the Operation Spectre announcement gave an overview of some of what’s included in the latest big content release. As players expected from past teasers, Spectre is the newest Specialist who’s now playable in Black Ops 4, a familiar face to those who played Black Ops III.

For anyone who didn’t get to play Alcatraz before it was removed, the video below provides a look at that new Blackout map. It’s set within the same prison that the related Zombies experiences take place in and therefore has more zombies than the much bigger original map. Close-quarters combat is emphasized here, and Treyarch said the map will have been improved since it was first released.

Black Ops 4’s new update is scheduled to release on Tuesday.



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