New 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 4' Specialist May Have Leaked

Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 started with several Specialists and has added more since the game’s release, and it looks as though another character is coming to the game’s multiplayer mode soon. A description of an item that referenced Spectre, a Specialist from Black Ops III, was spotted in the game’s loadout screen for the multiplayer mode and looks like it might’ve been added too early since the equipment itself also isn’t in the game.

A Black Ops 4 player shared the image below on Reddit that showed the screen they encountered when trying to check their classes before joining a game. Before starting a multiplayer match, they selected a slot that had an Acoustic Sensor in it, but instead of being met with information about that equipment, they got the screen below that shows the Smoke and the description that references Spectre.

Uhhhhhh... Wanna talk about it 3arch? from r/Blackops4

Spectre is a Specialist who made an appearance in Black Ops III, though he didn’t make the cut in Black Ops 4, at least not at the beginning. Treyarch’s brought back many of the Specialists from Black Ops III for returns in Black Ops 4, so seeing Spectre back in the game after being added as part of a new Operation wouldn’t be too surprising.

If Spectre is added in Black Ops 4, there’s also the question of what the Specialist’s abilities would look like, but looking at the character’s presence in Black Ops III gives some idea of what to expect. The Ripper was Spectre’s Specialist Weapon in the last Black Ops game and gives the character two blades extending from one hand. Getting in range of an enemy when the weapon is charged allows Ripper to lunge forward for an instant kill. The character’s ability in the last game was Active Camo and made them nearly invisible to other enemies, though it’s unknown if either of those will remain intact should Spectre be added to Black Ops 4.



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