Ninja Denies Steve Harvey's Claims That He Makes $1.5 Million A Month


Tyler "Ninja" Blevins -- one of the world's most popular streamers who was propelled into mainstream fame last year on the back of Fortnite -- makes a lot of money. How much money, exactly? Well, we don't know really know, because, as you would expect, Blevins keeps that information to himself. However, we do know that he's at least making less than $1.5 million a month. During a recent filming of Family Feud, host Steve Harvey -- who knows Blevins from his appearance on the show before he was famous -- spoke about the streamer to his crowd, revealing that he gets paid $1.5 million to play video games on camera everyday. According to Ninja though, this figure isn't accurate. However, while it's a slight exaggeration, Ninja more or less suggests the figure is in the ballpark of what he does actually make each month.

Of course, it's quite possible Ninja was making $1.5 million during his peak. As you may know, the streamer's popularity has dipped a bit the past couple of months from the astronomical numbers he was posting most of 2018.

What this video does demonstrate though is that many people are still unaware how streaming as a profession works, and how much money is in the business if you climb your way to the top. Harvey is a comedian so some of it is an act, but you can see he was genuinely surprised by how much Ninja makes each month.

With streaming getting bigger and bigger, the amount streamers can make each month will presumably also get bigger and bigger. In fact, the day where streamers are making more money than TV show hosts probably isn't very far away.

What will be interesting to see is if Ninja will be able to outlive Fortnite. He's still predominately known as a Fortnite streamer, but he has been branching out to other games recently. That said, Fortnite isn't going anywhere anytime soon, so I'm sure Ninja isn't too worried about life after it.


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Thanks, Dexerto.