New Mega Man Game Announced

If you've been hankering for a new Mega Man video game, and especially something in the Mega Man X series, someone over at Capcom has been listening. That said, they may have misheard, as Capcom Taiwan has seemingly revealed an entirely new action role-playing Mega Man game, Mega Man X DiVE. For mobile.

As you can see in the above teaser trailer, the new game is designed with phones and tablets in mind given the user interface apparent in several screens. You can spot various abilities in position around the screen, and certain animations imply that these buttons are being pressed on the screen itself from time to time. Several established characters, like Zero, can be seen in quick succession in the trailer, though it's unclear exactly how many folks will feature as playable in the title.

Here's how Capcom Taiwan describes the game in the English description under the brief teaser trailer:

"Deep Log
The digital world where 'MEGAMEN X Series Game' was stored.
Also the memory of 'You' as a player....

"'Deep Log' appears abnormal for unknown reasons
All stages, Maverics ,all the characters from 'MEGAMEN X Series' are all mixed up because of game errors.

"Come! Players
Get into the Deep Log
Beat the Maverics and get the game data repaired."

So, yeah, make of that what you will.


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Mega Man X DiVE is scheduled to release this year, and is reportedly in development for iOS and Android. It's unclear whether the title will make its way to North America, but the English description indicates at least some possibility of that. The last numbered title in the Mega Man X series, Mega Man X8, released in 2004.