Adin Ross Calls Upon Twitch to Ban Hot Tub Streams

Adin Ross is calling upon Twitch to ban the controversial hot tub streams. Although Twitch started as a gaming platform in its earliest days, it very quickly evolved into something much bigger with people doing IRL streams, hosting talk shows, game shows, and much more. It's a very unique platform and one that expanded so much over the years. One of the most controversial subsections of Twitch began in the last couple of years and revolved around mostly women streaming from hot tubs or inflatable pools, typically in bikinis. Many felt that this kind of content didn't belong on the platform and was too suggestive, leading to all kinds of conversations about Twitch's rules. Twitch eventually made an official rule allowing the streams within reason and ever since, the discourse has mostly died down.

While there are still hot tub streams, it doesn't seem to be as big of a deal now as it was then. However, coming off of a recent ban of his own, Adin Ross is once again bringing up the discussion. Adin Ross believes that the hot tub streams have no place on Twitch and only encourage people to go to other platforms like OnlyFans that may lead to porn addictions. He also argued that Twitch was quick to ban gambling streams because of the problems it was creating with streamers and its viewers.

"You know, it's soft porn, it's a portal to OnlyFans. It's in the same category as gambling, right, because it's promoting poison, you know what I'm saying, in the brain," he continued. "It's making people addicted to… it's feeding their addiction to jerking off, which is a serious problem we have."  

It's a bit of the "slipper slope" fallacy. Given the discourse on the hot tub streams has run dry (no pun intended), it seems unlikely Twitch will pay much attention to this. With that said, Adin Ross is a pretty big streamer and it's possible he could get enough people worked up about it to start a discussion about this content again.

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