Twitch Responds to Gambling Controversies With New Rules

Twitch has responded to the ongoing controversies surrounding gambling streams on the platform. There has been no shortage of gambling controversies in the influencer space for years. Of course, YouTubers such as TmarTn were infamously connected to a shady Counter Strike: Global Offense gambling website. Other YouTubers have come under fire over the years for doing pack openings in games like FIFA and Call of Duty, promoting unhealthy habits for players. Now, the most current controversies have stemmed from Twitch allowing streamers with lots of money to recklessly gamble to audiences of thousands of people, many of whom are likely younger viewers. 

Over the past several days, there has been an increased pressure for Twitch to create better rules for gambling streams. A streamer known as Sliker was revealed to have been asking various streamers such as xQc and Trainwreckstv for money due to financial woes and promising to pay them back. The amounts of money he was given ranged from about $1,000 to over $100,000 and none of it was paid back. Slicker confessed he was using this money to fund a gambling addiction, leading to concern over gambling streams. Starting on October 18th, Twitch will be instating new rules that cracks down on gambling streams. The new policy will "prohibit streaming of gambling sites that slots, roulette, or dice games that aren't licensed in the US or other jurisdictions that provide sufficient consumer protection. Sports betting and poker will still be allowed and Twitch will have a full policy for people to read before the rules go live to ensure everyone understands the situation. 

Certain sites like are confirmed to be targeted by this new policy and Twitch says it may identify other sites in the future. As of right now, it seems like Twitch is trying to ensure as best as possible that no one becomes addicted to this aggressive form of gambling, especially as a result of the content on its site. It remains to be seen how channels that have made a name from their gambling streams will move forward.

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