Agents Of Mayhem’s Latest Trailer Once Again Digs Into The 80’s

Deep Silver has been leaning a bit on the 80’s nostalgia with its advertising for Agents of [...]

Deep Silver has been leaning a bit on the 80's nostalgia with its advertising for Agents of Mayhem, the latest Saints Row-style adventure from the team at Volition. Well, why stop a good thing when it works?

With that, the publisher has released yet another trailer, this time featuring the theme of the classic Tom Selleck series Magnum P.I. And even though there's no sign of dudes in Hawaiian shirts or a sleek Ferrari, there's plenty of action to go around in the trailer, as expected with a game such as this.

It features a number of sweet characters in play, including someone who's able to use transporting capabilities to get around enemies, as well as a character that really, really likes to blow stuff up. There's also a rollerskating lunatic with a chaingun roaming around, and a girl that can't get enough of a taunt that she likes to call the "deep dish."

And, for good measure, there's a lot of carnage in the game when it comes to vehicular play, with sports cars going all over the streets, flying in the air and wrecking others, including a pretty spectacular explosion where a player cheers on the mayhem. Guess that's where the title really comes into play, doesn't it?

One dude even goes as far as to pull up his medium-sized sports car into the middle of a street, get out of it, and then super-punch it so that it goes flying off into an awaiting group of enemies – like a projectile, if you will. There aren't too many games that give you the opportunity to use a car like a projectile (Crackdown 3, maybe?), so we'll take whatever we can get when the chance comes along. Besides, we aren't exactly fans of the car color, anyway – and better rides are available.

Check out the trailer above and get ready for a nostalgic dialback. Now all we need is a Perfect Strangers style of trailer and we'll really be getting somewhere. Hey, Deep Silver, you listening?

Agents of Mayhem will arrive on August 15th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.