Amazon Is Giving Away One of the Best Horror Games Ever for Free

Amazon Prime is giving away one of the best survival-horror games of all time. In the modern-day, the horror genre is incredibly underserved mostly because outside of a couple major IP -- like Resident Evil -- the return of investment on AAA horror games just isn't there. And this is why the genre is now largely carried by indies and AA games. It wasn't always like this. There was once a time when horror was arguably overserved. The Xbox 360 and PS3 generation wasn't one of these generations, but it did produce some of the best horror games and series, like Dead Space, which brings us to Amazon Prime's new freebie. 

In addition to five other games, Amazon Prime subscribers, via Prime Gaming, can claim Dead Space 2 for free. The game has to be claimed in May, because come June the deal will expire. However, once claimed, it's yours to keep and play as much or as little as you want. 

As for the game itself, Dead Space 2 is a survival horror third-person shooter that was developed by the now-defunct Visceral Games and published by EA. Released in 2011 via the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3, it garnered a score of 90 on Metacritic and sold several million copies. It is obviously a follow-up to 2008's Dead Space.

"Three years after the Necromorph infestation aboard the USS Ishimura, Isaac Clarke awakens from a coma, confused, disoriented, and on a space station called The Sprawl," reads an official elevator pitch of the game. "Explore this world and its zero-g environments to discover the truth about the Unitology and its role in the Necromorph epidemic."

With a remake of the first Dead Space game currently in development, now is a good time to get into what is undeniably one of the best survival-horror series. Of course, if the remake does well, it will likely either lead to a Dead Space 2 or a brand new installment in the series or both.

All of that said, it's important to remember that this offer is limited to Amazon Prime subscribers. Further, it's for a digital PC code only, so if you're on console, you're out of luck.