Among Us Video Swaps Pets with Crewmates

Among Us has pets players can obtain to follow Crewmates around, but what if the Crewmates were [...]

Among Us has pets players can obtain to follow Crewmates around, but what if the Crewmates were pets and the pets were Crewmates? That's a question the latest creative video from the InnerSloth developers takes on by swapping the sizes of the Crewmates and the pets with one another. The result is small spacepeople and big hamsters, an entertaining idea even if it's one that won't ever be actually added to the game.

The video below showing off this concept was shared by the Among Us Twitter account on the aptly named "cursed Friday" occasion the account has embraced. It shows a Crewmate shrunk down to the size of a pet while the big hamster follows behind dutifully in its wheel as the owner checks in on things around the map.

As indicated by the quoted tweet above, the video was a response to a one RaburesuKami who pitched the idea on Twitter after the Among Us account shared a cursed Friday image of its own.

These sorts of "cursed" images and videos have become something of a specialty for the Among Us Twitter account and the developers working on the game. Other examples of this we've seen in the past include a vault of concepts from the "cursed Among Us library" that showed Crewmates with elephant trunks, gaping mouths, and other ideas. Another example included a version of a Crewmate that looked more like a pet than the one above since it walked around on all fours and had a tail while still keeping the spacesuit look.

While it's hard to imagine us actually getting the content in the video above added to the game in any way outside of some sort of April Fools' joke or something similar, there is an option in Among Us that'll sort of give you a pet-sized Crewmate. One of the bundles sold for Among Us comes with a Mini Crewmate pet so that you can have a miniature space companion with you. It also comes with a Wall-E-style robot to sweeten the deal.