This Cursed Among Us Image Isn't Such a Bad Idea After All

The forever active Among Us Twitter account shared an image to fuel some “Extremely Cursed [...]

The forever active Among Us Twitter account shared an image to fuel some "Extremely Cursed Friday Energy" this week that was pretty off-putting at first glance. It showed an Among Us Crewmate that looked like business as usual in the front, but it was elongated beyond that to be on four legs with a tail. Maybe it's a dog, maybe it's a Crewmate centaur, maybe it's something else, but even though it's not actually in the game, it's not such a bad idea after all.

Chances are if you play Among Us and are active on social media, you've seen the image in question already. If you haven't you can see it below after it was shared by the official account.

Judging from the reception it's gotten so far, people are either very fond of it or very wary of it. The account made it clear that his is not in the game in any way, so it shouldn't be taken as a teaser of things to come, but what would it look like if we actually got something like this added to the game?

Chances are it wouldn't look right as a skin for a Crewmate since all the Cremates and Imposters in Among Us maintain the same shape and only change certain cosmetic elements to separate them from other players. The Among Us account joked in a reply to the Twitch Twitter account that it should be an emote which wouldn't be a bad idea, but the best possible solution for this kind of thing being implemented would probably be a pet.

Among Us has a number of pets available to players already with more of them added in the last big update that released the Airship map, so why not add a Crewmate pet? You could call it a dog or a mini version of a Crewmate or whatever worked, but it'd make for the perfect companion for players while completing their tasks.

Others including InnerSloth developers expanded on the idea after the image above was shared to give it more legs and create other multi-legged variants. We probably won't see any form of these implemented unless people like it enough to justify it being a pet or something, but players can at least hope.