Among Us Reveals Crewmate Concepts That Can't Be Unseen

Among Us creators InnerSloth shared a video this week that showed off some Crewmate concepts which are going to be pretty hard to unsee once you’ve taken a look at them. These concepts were created a while back but only for fun though, the creators said, but many players are now wishing that they’d be incorporated into the game somehow even if they wouldn’t be the canon variants of the Crewmates.

The video below was shared by the always active Among Us Twitter account after it was originally shared by game game’s TikTok account. Referred to as the “cursed Among us library,” the video narrated by Among Us developer Marcus Bromander who’s also known for The Henry Stickmin Collection showed off a couple of different interesting Crewmate concepts.

Instead of the normal Crewmates that can be different colors and have different accessories affixed to their bean bodies, we see ones in the video that go further beyond that. It opens with a spooky clown reminiscent of Pennywise from IT before moving onto a screaming Cremate and one that looks like a smiling elephant. Perhaps the best one of all is the Crewmate that has its visor replaced with one that looks like a mouth which completely changes how you’d interpret the character.

The video concludes with “Forte Crewmate,” a Crewmate variant apparently created by fellow Among Us developer Forest Willard.


While these concepts are just for fun as the creators said, it’s not the first time that we’ve seen concepts for the Crewmates in Among Us. Several months ago, the developers shared what they said was “literally the only concept art” created when designing what the Crewmates would look like in Among Us. It showed a couple of different ideas including ones quite close to the versions of the characters that are already in the game.

Players themselves have also been quite busy creating all sorts of concepts for Among Us whether those are predictions or fun projects to show what the game would look like if it crossed over into other properties. One Among Us player imagined what a Crewmate’s moveset would look like in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate while another tried to predict what the new Airship map would look like once players were able to officially traverse it.