Anthem's Lead Producer Is Leaving BioWare

Ben Irving, the lead producer for Anthem who’s been working at BioWare for over eight years, is [...]

Ben Irving, the lead producer for Anthem who's been working at BioWare for over eight years, is leaving the studio. Irving announced his departure from BioWare Thursday on Twitter in a thread that confirmed he was going to work at another gaming company. He hasn't yet said what company he'll be working with, but he looked back on his time at BioWare and ahead to Anthem's "bright future."

Irving's three-tweet announcement about his move away from BioWare can be seen below as he said he'd be forever grateful for the opportunities he was given and that he'd "really enjoyed" working with the Anthem community. He acknowledged Anthem's "good times and the tough times" and said the community is in "good hands."

The lead producer for Anthem directed followers to Electronic Arts' global lead for its core community Jesse Anderson and Anthem's global community lead Andrew Johnson as the individuals who will be handling community interactions when his departure is completed.

Irving was also notably the lead producer for Star Wars: The Old Republic. While serving as the lead producer for Anthem for more than two years, Irving was frequently spotted in online discussions on Reddit and in other forums where he answered questions from players and addressed various topics.

Back in May, BioWare responded to claims of developers leaving Anthem and said it was "100% committed" to the game. Chad Robertson, head of live service at BioWare, said then that the team was working on new content that would be revealed when it neared completion. Robertson added that he and Irving were joined by " a big team between Austin and Edmonton focused and motivated for improving the game."