'Anthem' Reveals the Ultimate Enemy With New Trailer at The Game Awards

The team over a BioWare shared a brand new trailer for their newest IP Anthem and the latest look [...]

The team over a BioWare shared a brand new trailer for their newest IP Anthem and the latest look has to be the best one yet. Not only do we get to see the humanity of the game and how the various characters interact with the player, but we also get a look at the big bad and who is behind the oncoming chaos.

The most important takeaway from the latest trailer is meeting The Monitor, a leader of the very militaristic Dominion enemy. When we had a chance to interview producer Mike Gamble earlier today, he mentioned that The Monitor is the perfect sociopath - truly believing his path of chaos and destruction is the best path for all.

We recently had a chance to play the game for ourselves and this footage seen above reflects exactly that feeling we felt during our time with the online adventure. The way the game felt while playing, it really did give me a "heroic" feeling. I could be anything, do anything - I was the ultimate badass. Going up against a foe like the Dominion - that badass feeling is going to really come in handy.

The latest video also showed us a new side to the game, one that echoes what Casey Hudson had to say last month about Anthem's creative freedom.

"As creative people, we have a need to try new things," said Hudson in the new blog post. "And while Anthem is definitely something new and different, my first Play From Home session with Anthem started with some things I expect from a BioWare game: discovering a vast new universe to explore, being drawn into a compelling story, and meeting characters that I want to learn more about. But for me, it also quickly started to deliver its own magic: superheroic gameplay that makes me want to come back just for the feel of it, and being able to have friends join with me on my adventure so we can explore and fight as a team. Seeing Game Director Jon Warner arrive in my game, resplendent in his white-and-red Ranger Javelin, was particularly inspiring – especially when he led me to a secret location with Legendary treasure."

He added, "There is of course a lot of work ahead to get things ready for Anthem's Feb 22 launch date. And, since what you get with Anthem isn't just the launch game but the ongoing story, features and content that will follow in live service, there are teams already working on entire seasons of post-launch content. It's scary and exciting to work on something on this scale and complexity, but we're doing everything we can to make sure it's an amazing experience for you."

With everything we've seen so far, we can't wait for February to get here to play even more. For more about the game itself, Anthem officially makes its debut on February 22, 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC players.

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