Apex Legends Reveals New Chinatown Market Skin

After leaks and datamines alluded to Apex Legends collaborating with the apparel brand Chinatown [...]

After leaks and datamines alluded to Apex Legends collaborating with the apparel brand Chinatown Market, Respawn Entertainment confirmed the plans to do so this week with the reveal of a new skin for Bloodhound. The Legendary cosmetic is called "Sundown Desperado," and it looks like nothing else we've seen before in Apex Legends. More skins are on the way as well with the whole crossover event scheduled to kick off on March 30th.

You can see the Sundown Desperado skin for Bloodhound for yourself below after it was revealed by Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts on Friday. It shows Bloodhound dressed mostly in black with their boots and other parts of their outfit emblazoned with flames. The Chinatown Market logo also appears a couple of times throughout the outfit to let players know where the idea came from.

Bloodhound isn't the only Legend who's set to get one of these skins though. Through several datamining efforts over the past couple of weeks, namely done by Apex Legends dataminer Shrugtal, we know of several other characters who'll also be getting Chinatown Market skins. Lifeline, Mirage, and Wraith are three others known to be getting those sorts of skins, and each of them apparently has another type of cosmetic included in unique bundles be that a weapon skin, a banner, or a weapon charm. There'll also apparently be a bundle for all the Chinatown Market skins.

We don't yet know the prices for these cosmetics, but considering Apex Legends skins aren't cheap to begin with, it's hard to imagine these being cheap either, especially if they're bundled together. The bundle that contains all the Chinatown Market skins together will probably be sold at an eye-watering price, but there is at least one thing players can look forward to that might help with the cost. Shrugtal said the bundled items not branded with Chinatown Market should be obtainable from Apex Packs or crafting which would reduce the price of the bundles if players want the skin for a particular Legend, but we won't know for sure until the event is fully unveiled.

Apex Legends' Chinatown Market event kicks off on March 30th, so we'll know soon enough what the plans are.