Apex Legends Shares First Details on New Event Type

Respawn Entertainment is introducing a new type of Apex Legends event this week with the release of the first ever "Apex Chronicles" event. The first of these events will focus on Bloodhound and will task players with not only playing as the Legend but also following objectives exclusive to the character. Bloodhound's Apex Chronicles is scheduled to begin on September 29th and will give players a shot at earning battle pass progression, Bloodhound-themed Apex packs, and for the lore buffs, more character development for Bloodhound.

The first of these events is called "Old Ways, New Dawn," and to start it, you'll have to play as Bloodhound on the World's Edge map. That's Bloodhound's home, so the challenges will only be active there. Challenges also have to be done in a non-ranked environment, but that won't be a problem now that the ranked split has started anew with ranked players now playing on King's Canyon.

Even more interesting than that setup already is how players actually trigger the event once they get into a game. While playing as Bloodhound on World's Edge, players must find a white raven somewhere on the map. The image below was provided by Respawn to show what that raven would look like, but it's unclear if this is the only location it can be found or if there will be multiple starting points around the map.

(Photo: Electronic Arts)

The latter seems more likely based on how Respawn described the next stage of the event. After finding the raven, a hunt will trigger for the tracker Legend. Once that begins, it looks like Bloodhound will simply have to follow the path laid out before them to complete the first portion of the event. "Players are assigned unique paths," Respawn said, so you won't have a train of Bloodhounds all following the same route while they shoot and punch each other. Players will also be able to resume their journeys from a checkpoint if they don't make it through the full hunt in one match.

The Apex Chronicles event as a whole is divided into five parts starting with a prologue and four chapters coming afterwards. Those chapters are only unlocked after a set amount of time, so you can't complete everything at once on Wednesday.

This type of event is now just one of many that Respawn's introduced in the past. The lore-based conversations and comic pages unlocked through Treasure Pack acquisitions are another, but the Town Takeover events are by far the more interactive of the bunch.

If Bloodhound's getting their own unique event first, expect to see other Legends get their own Apex Chronicles events in the future.