Apex Legends Teaser Hints at Class Reworks

Apex Legends leaks shared previously suggested that a sweeping class rework was imminent, one that would affix different passive abilities to better-defined classes of Legends compared to what we currently have. Those leaks have even gone so far as to name what these specific passives and groupings of Legends would look like, but Respawn Entertainment naturally hasn't said anything about the situation yet. That may have changed recently, however, given that players think there's a hidden teaser in the game's most recent trailer to suggest that a class rework is indeed coming in Season 16th.

The teaser in question appeared for less than a second in the trailer for the Celestial Sunrise Collection Event. In the trailer below, you can pause the video 19 seconds into the action to see a trio of Ash, Pathfinder, and Octane on the hunt for more targets. If you look at their character icons in the bottom-left corner of the HUD, you'll notice that both Octane and Pathfinder have a symbol next to their names that seems to indicate somebody moving faster than normal. It's similar to the one Mad Maggie gets whenever she's running with a shotgun and maintains normal running speed while still having a weapon drawn.

It's that symbol which people (like RossTheeSquirrel who helpfully noticed this tease) think is the strongest indicator yet that we'll see class reworks in the next season.

One of the potential classes in the leaks was an "Assault" category which supposedly will benefit from extra ammo inventory and red supply bins similar to the blue ones Lifeline can use. These Assault characters are said to be defined by their offensive abilities and the power to pressure engagements. "Skirmishers" are another rumored class that centers on mobility. If the prior leaks are accurate at all, those details line up with the fact that Pathfinder and Octane – both mobility-heavy Legends who are likely to be Skirmishers – get the passive icon while Ash, a likely Assault character, lacks it.

There's still some time to go in Season 15 before we get to see what's planned in full for the next season, so we won't know for a while longer what Respawn has planned in terms of new classes, reworks, and other Season 16 plans. Hiding teasers like this one in videos is common practice for Respawn, however, so this is as good an indication as any as to what might be in the works.