Apex Legends Season 6 Trailer Shows New Rampart Gameplay

Respawn Entertainment shared a new look at Apex Legends Season 6 on Friday with the season’s first gameplay trailer. The game’s newest Legend, Rampart, was featured prominently in the trailer alongside glimpses of new battle pass rewards, a new weapon, and the crafting feature that’ll be new to Apex Legends in Season 6. As is the case with pretty much every season, the World’s Edge map will again be reworked to add new points of interest for players to explore and master.

The Season 6 trailer opens with Rampart and her imposing turret that we’ve seen several times in her previews. Though it appeared to be the case before, it’s clear now that Rampart can set up her turret as a stationary fixture to mount it and spew out a high rate of fire at her enemies.

Later in the trailer, we see more of Rampart’s abilities and how her teammates can interact with them. The shields we’ve seen in past previews where it looked as though friendlies can shoot through them while enemy fire gets blocked are indeed part of Rampart’s kit. She’s able to put down at least three of the shields at once with each one large enough to comfortably fit a teammate behind it. It was also confirmed by the trailer that she’s not the only one who can use her turret. She sets it up during a teamfight and lets Gibraltar mount the weapon while her and Wattson shoot from behind their own shields.

Aside from the new Rampart details, we got a better look at the crafting system new to Apex Legends. By finding devices called “Replicators” which are presumably strung about throughout the map or perhaps dropped like care packages, you can trade in materials you’ve extracted for different items. Some of those items appear to be permanent options like healing resources and shield upgrades while others like weapons, attachments, and other types of gears rotate on either a weekly or daily basis.

This trailer also showed us our first look at the new World’s Edge map that’s again been changed up to go along with what’s happening in the story and to further diversify the meta.


“The leaves are falling and the rockets are rising on World’s Edge -- explore a revamped map and use the new Blast Walls to your advantage,” Respawn said about the map changes.

Apex Legends Season 6 starts on August 18th across all platforms.