Apex Legends Season 6 Trailer Reveals Rampart as Newest Legend

Apex Legends’ teasers over the past few days have now led up to the release of the Season 6 launch trailer and with it the reveal of Rampart, the newest Legend who’s joining the Apex Games on August 18th. Like other trailers before it that introduced the seasons to come, we saw a glimpse of different teasers for what’ll be released in Season 6, but the main focus was on Rampart and what she can do. She’s wielding a massive weapon in the trailer which appears to have some sort of mounted turret function, but we don’t yet know what her full kit looks like.

The Season 6 launch trailer above showed off our first official look at Rampart and at least part of her abilities. That big gun’s obviously going to play a significant part in her kit, and we know it can spit out bullets at a high rate of fire from the brief moment of action in the trailer, but it’s unclear what else it and she can do at this time. We’ve seen leaks dismissed by Respawn in the past that tried to reveal her abilities early, but there now seems to at least be some truth to the leaks since some of them referenced mounted turrets.

“An expert modder who made her name in underground fight clubs, Rampart talks big and has the ballistics to back it up,” a preview of Rampart’s personality and play style said.

Aside from a new Legend, the “Boosted” Season 6 will also include another battle pass for players to work through with all new content to unlock in free and premium variants. Another weapon is being added to Season 6, too, with the release of the Volt. The Volt is another weapon that comes straight from the world of Titanfall and is an energy-powered SMG which makes it the first of its kind to come to Apex Legends.


We also can pick out previews of different features coming to Apex Legends in Season 6. Bangalore can be seen shooting through some sort of barrier at one point which could be an environmental feature but could also very well be part of Rampart’s kit. When Caustic smacks Pathfinder with a canister right before we see Rampart’s turret, the thing he’s holding sure does look like it could be turned into an heirloom for the Legend.

Apex Legends Season 6 is scheduled to begin on August 18th.