'Apex Legends' May Not Be Adding Solo or Duos Anytime Soon

If you were hoping to play Solo or Duos in Apex Legends in the near-future, well I got bad news: [...]

If you were hoping to play Solo or Duos in Apex Legends in the near-future, well I got bad news: it doesn't look like it's happening. Previously, in the games files, there was reference to Solo and Duos, leading players to believe they would soon be able to take on King's Canyon by themselves or with just a single friend. However, in the game's latest update, reference to Solo and Duos has been removed, suggesting this was never in the pipeline for the battle royale game, or at least isn't happening anytime soon.

The discovery was made by Apex Legends' dataminer @RealApexLeaks, who has been religiously combing through the game's files since the new update dropped a couple hours ago.

Of course, while file leaks are a decent source of information on what's coming to a game in the near and distant future, it's not an exhaustive source. Meaning, Solo and Duos could still be coming to the game -- even soon. So, take this with a grain of salt, like you would any leak or unofficial report.

It seems likely that Respawn Entertainment will mess around with the player counts in teams eventually, but for now, it probably doesn't want to change its winning formula too much. Further, given the way the game is balanced, Solo may never make sense for it, while Duos could work, but maybe it's not as fun. In other words, I wouldn't be surprised if the player count on teams goes the other way: and soon we have four or five players per team.

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