Apex Legends Update Has Big Changes for 10 Legends

The latest Apex Legends update first previewed during EA Play as part of Electronic Arts’ [...]

The latest Apex Legends update first previewed during EA Play as part of Electronic Arts' announcements is now live with a bunch of changes released for nearly the entire roster of Legends. Only Pathfinder, Bloodhound, and Bangalore were omitted from the bulk of the patch notes with the 10 other remaining Legends getting changed in some way. Some of the biggest changes are for Lifeline, the medic Legend who was known to be getting a few new tricks in her kit thanks to previous previews, while other characters received some welcome buffs and adjustments to some of their signature abilities.

Lifeline's update is the headliner since it allows her to now revive two teammates at once at the cost of her fast-heal passive, but the other Legends included in the patch notes have some significant changes to take note of as well. Octane got some love to make the fast Legend more of a speedster and can now use his ultimate ability more effectively to get around the map.

Of course, the patch notes have broader changes that affect how any Legend would play, so you'll want to consult the official notes to see the full scope of what's changed and for explanations on why those changes happened. To see how your favorite Legend may have been affected, you can see those notes below.


  • Passive
    • Combat Revive now replaces Combat Medic.
      • Deploy D.O.C to revive teammates. D.O.C. will deploy a shield and revive Lifeline's teammate, leaving Lifeline free to defend or revive someone else.
      • This fully replaces Lifeline's old passive, including Fast Heal
    • Tactical
      • Lifeline's Tactical cooldown is now 45 seconds (was 60 seconds).
    • Ultimate
      • Lifeline's Care Package now contains more items
        • Care Package will contain 3x more small healing items, when it decides to spawn small healing items
        • Care Package will contain 2x more attachments, when it decides to spawn attachments


  • Tactical
    • Upon activation, Stim will remove movement impairing effects.
    • Stim sprinting speed is increased by 10%
  • Ultimate
    • Players can now double jump in mid-air after using Octane's Launch Pad
    • Players can change direction easily from the double jump.


  • Tactical
    • Will now cancel:
      • Pathfinder mid-grapple
      • Wraith mid-Phase Walk attempt (before Phase Walk activates)
    • Will now prevent:
      • Mirage cloaked revive
      • Mirage decoy control activation
      • Lifeline combat revive
    • Ultimate
      • Range removed on Death Totem


  • Tactical
    • Deploying Hack (Crypto's Drone) now takes 1.5 seconds (from 2.5 seconds)
  • Ultimate
    • EMP will now disable Wattson's Pylons.


  • Tactical
    • Burglar's Best Friend will no longer be intercepted by Watton's Interception Pylon.
  • Ultimate
    • Black Market Boutique (ultimate) will now only pick up 1 stack of ammo (rather than 1 stack + the amount that was required to fill whatever partial stack you had in your inventory).
    • Ultimate Accelerants now give 20% ult charge (up from 17.5%).


  • Tactical
    • You can now hold the tactical button, and release to auto-control decoys
    • Decoys will now say lines when shot
  • Passive
    • When cloaked, Mirage's holo emitters will be visible to players that are less than 5 meters away
  • Skydive
    • Will now create decoys for the entire squad when skydiving when still diving with your squad.


  • Fast Heal granted inside the Dome Shield, slowed down: 25% faster -> 15% faster


  • Enemies can cancel Caustic's barrel by shooting it before it is fully inflated.


  • Wattson's Pylons now last for 90 seconds
  • Wattson can now have up to 3 pylons out at a time
  • Wattson can stack 2 Ultimate accelerants per inventory slot


  • Phase Walk
    • Phase Walk now takes 1.25 seconds to enable (was 0.4 seconds). During this time, Wraith will receive a 20% move slow
      • This does not affect Phase Walk while placing a Phase Portal
    • While in Phase Walk, Wraith now gets a 30% move speed boost
    • While in Phase Walk, Wraith can now see other players while in the Void.
    • Phase Walk now lasts 4 seconds (from 3 seconds)
    • Phase walk cooldown is now down to 25 (from 35 seconds)
  • Phase Tunnel
    • Decreased distance for portal placement by 25%.

Apex Legends' latest update is now available across all platforms.