Apex Legends Update Fixes Fight Night Event Exploit

Respawn Entertainment released a backend update for Apex Legends this week to resolve an exploit that dealt with the Pathfinder Town Takeover event that’s live now. The update actually resolved a couple of different issues, but the most prominent one that players had been noticing dealt with the Fight Night Ring itself where nobody’s supposed to be using any weapons. This hotfix also follows the larger update that kicked off the event and included some last-minute changes to some of the patch notes revealed previously.

The exploit in question for those who had been fortunate enough to avoid seeing it in-game allowed players to use their weapons when they were inside the Fight Night Ring. That problem should now be fixed though, so players can battle inside the ring without having to worry about anyone getting an unfair advantage.

This Fight Night Ring serves as the core point of interest during the Pathfinder Town Takeover event. Around the size of a medium-sized building, the ring is surrounded by blue walls that prevent players from shooting into the arena. Once inside, players’ weapons and abilities are disabled leaving them with only their punches and kicks to use against enemies.

That alone may be enough of an incentive for players to drop in if they want to try something new in Apex Legends, but to draw players in even more, there’s a chance of getting some incredible loot right at the start of the game if you visit the ring. Inside are the loot containers you’d see flying around World’s Edge which contain Epic and Legendary loot for players to scoop up, though you can’t use any of it except for healing items until you leave the ring.


Apex’s new fighting ring appears to still have some issues affecting it even after these fixes were released, however. There are moments where sounds quite working inside and outside of the ring including the sounds enemies’ weapons make which is problematic indeed when you’re trying to get your bearings after leaving the ring. Some players have also voiced frustrations about getting shot immediately after leaving a ring since it takes a brief moment for Legends to reequip their weapons, but that’s more of the nature of the ring itself rather than an exploit.

Apex Legends’ Pathfinder Town Takeover event is live now across all platforms.