Baldur's Gate 3 First Ever Gameplay Revealed

Today at PAX East 2020, Larian Studios revealed our first ever look at Baldur's Gate 3 gameplay [...]

Today at PAX East 2020, Larian Studios revealed our first ever look at Baldur's Gate 3 gameplay alongside a new cinematic trailer of the highly-anticipated role-playing game. As you may remember, the game was first announced back in June, however, at the time, all we got was a basic CGI teaser trailer that didn't show off anything of note about the 100-hour-plus RPG. That said, today not only did we get a gameplay reveal, but a proper gameplay reveal that should answer any questions you have about the game, including its quality.

In addition to a raw look at the game's moment-to-moment gameplay, the big gameplay reveal showed off some cutscenes from the game, plus the dialogue system, which not only looks complex, but is very much customized based off what character you're playing. For example, in the gameplay demo, the controlled character is a Vampire, and thus when the character comes across an NPC, he has a variety of choices, including joining up with the NPC. However, because the character is a vampire, they can also lunge and try and kill the NPC. Further, you can decide keep the finer details of your identity a secret, or reveal these details, and of course the game changes based on what decisions you make.

Meanwhile, the demo also showed off a little bit of the game's turn-based combat, which involves dice rolls, percentages, and just about everything you'd expect from the the game.

Baldur's Gate 3 is in development for PC and Google Stadia. At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of any additional platforms. A release date for the game has also not been announced, but a few recent leaks have suggested the game will drop sometime this year.

"Baldur's Gate 3 will push the boundaries of the RPG genre and offer a rich narrative with unparalleled player freedom, high-stakes decisions, unique companion characters and memorable combat," reads an official pitch of the game. "It is Larian Studios' biggest production ever and will be playable together with friends or as a single-player adventure. The teaser trailer shows a return of a malevolent presence to Baldur's Gate, intent on devouring it from the inside out, corrupting everything that remains in the Forgotten Realms. Alone you may resist, but together you can overcome. Gather your party."