New Batman Game Announcement Might Still Be Far Away

Back towards the end of September, Warner Bros. Montreal teased it's new Batman game with a [...]

Back towards the end of September, Warner Bros. Montreal teased it's new Batman game with a cryptic, official teaser. Many thought this signaled that an announcement was imminent, but unfortunately, it wasn't. A month later, and there's been no word from Warner Bros. Montreal, and the further we get away from the teaser, the more fans are convinced it could be awhile before the title is revealed. Look ingat the rest of the year, there's really only one event big enough to warrant a Batman game announcement: The Game Awards in early December. Of course, it's possible Warner Bros. Montreal will announce the game on a random weekday, but given that Warner Bros. announced Mortal Kombat 11 last year at The Game Awards does possibly suggest it will return to the show for another pop.

That said, if it's not announced at The Game Awards -- or sometime before it -- then there's an extremely high chance we won't be hearing about the new game until 2020, which industry insider and well-known leaker Sabi recently suggested in a speculative new post on Twitter. As you may recall, Sabi was behind this mornings Batman leak, which reportedly revealed that the title is called Batman: Arkham Legacy and allows players to play as the whole Batman family.

"I should note the title of Arkham Legacy could change," said Sabi on Twitter. "The info is from a bit ago. But the topic of the game (the family and whatnot) are obviously the important element. Not sure when the reveal is. TGAs (The Game Awards) are plausible, otherwise could be anytime next year."

Sabi continued by revealing they weren't comfortably divulging anymore, noting that "WB can be kinda scary." In other words, they don't want WB's legal team knocking on their door.

Of course, the leaker appears to be speculating more than leaking here, but there may be something still to this. They even said they can't divulge any more salient information out of fear of what WB might do, which gives their speculation a bit more weight than normal. Still, take this with a grain of salt. Maybe the game will be announced tomorrow, but if I was a betting man, I'd bet Warner Bros. Montreal is planning on keeping us in the dark for a little bit longer.