Battlefield 6 New Rumor Has Seemingly Been Debunked

A new leak associated with Battlefield 6 that has come about within the past few days has now [...]

A new leak associated with Battlefield 6 that has come about within the past few days has now seemingly been shot down. What was thought to be our first look at the logo for Battlefield 6 had made its way online just a week or so ago, but those who carefully inspected the image have pointed out a major flaw with it.

If you're not keyed in to what happened, supposedly, the first logo for Battlefield 6 went live on the French iteration of the game's website within the past week. The logo itself was in line with what past iterations have looked like, which is no surprise. It also claimed that the game would be released in Holiday 2021, which hasn't been confirmed just yet. You can see the logo itself from where it was said to have "appeared" in this tweet:

As one Redditor pointed out, though, there is one major issue with this "leak" -- it didn't include the trademark logo for Battlefield in the logo. Yes, if you've ever paid close attention to the Battlefield logo, every instance of it that is utilized from Electrconic Arts always has that tiny little 'TM' appearing in the top right corner. In the case of this supposed leaked logo, the trademark was nowhere to be seen, essentially proving that it's a fake.

Others have also pointed out that the French that was used in the doctored logo image was not in line with what you'd typically see from someone who is fluent in the language. In fact, the verbiage was said to be so poor that whoever put this fake together likely just used Google Translate to get the job done. Come on now, you've got to do better than that.

So while this latest Battlefield 6 rumor has proven to be a fake, fortunately, 2021 should be the year in which we start to hear more about the project. EA has dropped some hints about the game in the past, and even went on to show some in-engine footage of it as well, but nothing specific about the title has been revealed publicly just yet. Rumors, however, tell us that the shooter should be set during World War 3. We'll have to wait to see if that ends up being true,

If there is more information on the game in the new year, we'll be sure to let you know here on Until that time, you can continue following all of our latest coverage on the Battlefield franchise right here.