Bayonetta 2 Sold Slightly Less On Nintendo Switch Than Wii U At Launch, But Here’s Why

We were thrilled to see the Bayonetta Twin Pack arrive for Nintendo Switch late last week, if only [...]

Bayonetta 2

We were thrilled to see the Bayonetta Twin Pack arrive for Nintendo Switch late last week, if only because Platinum Games' one-two punch of action-adventure games seem like a custom fit for the hybrid console/handheld. Plus, it gives the games a much bigger audience than what the Wii U could offer, since they came out for that system first.

That said, Eurogamer has made note of the launch sales for the game over in Europe, indicating that it didn't quite sell as well on the Switch as it did for the Wii U. However, there are a couple of factors to consider.

The game still performed well enough to land in the fifth place spot for the top selling European games for the week, though it was hard to topple the dominant FIFA 18. For that matter, the action/adventure game Kingdom Come Deliverance also had a surprising debut, sitting in the number two slot.

As for why Bayonetta 2 for Switch didn't sell as well as the Wii U version did, here's what you can take into consideration.

Number one, Bayonetta 2 is pretty much a straight up port, with some extras added in depending on the Amiibo you can into the game. When the game initially debuted for the Wii U, it was a brand new adventure that a lot of fans were looking forward to. So while people still got excited over it, there wasn't really too much new content to explore within the game.

Secondly, keep in mind that Eurogamer has noted the physical sales of the game. Considering that digital downloads are a hot item these days, there's a pretty good chance that a majority of sales for the game came from the digital front, even if both games take up approximately about a total of 20GB on a memory card. (That's still not too shabby compared to bigger games.)

Finally, this is just for Europe, as U.S. sales haven't been reported yet. Both games are appealing to a worldwide audience, but gamers in the United States might be more excited for the provocative actions of Bayonetta. We'll just have to see how things shake out in the weeks ahead.

Whatever the case, the Bayonetta Twin Pack is still worth checking out – and it'll get you excited for Bayonetta 3 when it eventually releases on the Switch, hopefully later this year.