New BB-8 Mod for Skyrim is Cute, But Also Useful

will accept. Now, players of Skyrim can too, with an awesome new mod that allows them to travel [...]

(Photo: Nexus Mods)

When presented with the opportunity to take on an adorable droid companion, most Star Wars heroes (and villains) will accept. Now, players of Skyrim can too, with an awesome new mod that allows them to travel with a familiar looking little friend. But beyond the mod to the sequel trilogy's debut droid, the mod is also functional as an assistant of sorts, and could come in handy for the erstwhile traveler within the vast world of Skyrim. For fans who can't quite shell out the couple hundred it takes to get their hands on an almost screen-accurate BB8, this might serve as a fun replacement. Check out the droid's user manual below.

Named 'Snippy' (which, if you're reaching, could be a tiny wink to the nickname 'Snips', which once belonged to Star Wars heroine Ahsoka Tano), the tiny ball-shaped bot is programmed to not only follow players automatically during their travels, but also help out with basic tasks. Snippy can pick locks and works as an area scanner, as well as a flashlight. Players will never lose their tiny rolling companion due to its automatic following function, but if manual control is what they want, that option is available too. Along with being completely adorable, the little rustic ball droid has over 128 unique voice reactions, so players can look forward to plenty of chatter whenever they're feeling lonely on a task.

Snippy has the same silhouette as the now-iconic BB unit, but a very different design -- for obvious copyright reasons. Fashioned for Skyrim, the droid's smooth exterior has been replaced by a rusty metallic outer shell, with intricate designs and carvings etched into the body. Snippy seems to have the same antenna's, lenses and buttons as BB-8, but that's just about where the resemblance ends.

The mod does require that all Skyrim DLC is installed, but once everything's working, players can find and activate Snippy via a remote (an Unknown Dwemer Device) control inside of their inventory.