Bethesda Boss Comments on the PS5 Controller

Last week, Sony officially debuted the PlayStation 5 controller. The two-toned, black and white [...]

Last week, Sony officially debuted the PlayStation 5 controller. The two-toned, black and white controller has been mostly well-received by fans, with many wondering whether or not it means the system itself will have a similar coloration. Of course, no matter what color it is, the most important aspect will be how the controller handles. Thankfully, PlayStation fans will be happy to know that at least one person has good things to say, in that regard. Pete Hines, SVP of global marketing/comms at Bethesda, recently praised the controller on Twitter, talking about some of the new functions fans can expect when the system arrives later this year.

In his tweet, Hines praised the controller's haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. For the uninitiated, adaptive triggers will allow developers to have the triggers adapt to what's happening in the game. Meanwhile, haptic feedback will give the controller a much more sophisticated form of "rumble," which should allow players to "feel" things in a more life-like manner.

When fans asked follow-up questions, Hine took his praise a step further, saying that the PS5 controller made him "sort of immediately forget about a PS4 controller. I went back and forth between them and you immediately just want to use the PS5." While the PS5 controller still looks similar to previous PlayStation controllers, it's certainly the biggest departure a Sony system has ever had. As such, it will be interesting to see how players react once they have the controller in-hand.

One of the most exciting things about the launch of a new video game system is seeing the unique ways that developers utilize the system's features. Sometimes, it can take months or even years into a console's release before developers find the best ways to do just that, but the results are often worth the wait. Time will tell if that proves to be the case for PlayStation 5, but it certainly sounds like Bethesda has some ideas in mind!

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