BioShock Quote's Appearance in High School Yearbook Leads to Retraction

A high school student in Avon, Indiana, recently opted to use a quote from the video game BioShock as their senior quote within the school's yearbook. However, the line itself proved to be quite divisive to those at the school and has since led to a full-blown retraction of the yearbook in order to rectify the situation.

The school board for the Avon Community School Corporation recently released a statement saying that the BioShock quote within the yearbook was one that had been interpreted as some to have negative racial elements. "Although not its original intent, the quote was interpreted by some as racially insensitive," a message from the school board read. "We are sorry to students, family members, employees, or community members who were offended by the language in the yearbook. Avon High School and district leaders are investigating the matter thoroughly."

So what quote from BioShock happened to provoke this response from those at the school? Well, if you have played the original installment from the popular first-person shooter series, you probably could have guessed that Andrew Ryan was the character in question that the line was pulled from. The quote specifically was, "In the end what separates a man from a slave? Money? Power? No, a man chooses, and a slave obeys!" As Avon's school board acknowledged, within the context of why the game is using this quote, there are no racial implications at hand. And because of this, the student who chose to use it in the first place doesn't seem to be in any sort of trouble.

Perhaps the most surprising part of this entire saga is that Avon's school board has also demanded that any student who may have already been given a 2020-2021 yearbook must turn it back in to be fixed. From here, the school plans to blur out the quote in question before then redistributing them back to students and faculty. I'm not sure how much money this is costing the high school as a whole, but I have to imagine that those in charge are very frustrated by all of this whole saga.


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