Bloodborne 2 Rumored to Be in Development for PS5

After releasing all the way back in 2015, it sounds as though PlayStation may finally be looking to bring about a full-blown sequel to the beloved action title Bloodborne. While many longtime fans of the FromSoftware-developed project have simply been hoping for a remake or remaster of the game to come about on PlayStation 5, a new rumor has suggested that one of Sony's first-party studios has been tapped to now create a sequel to the game. And while it might seem strange to have a new Bloodborne title developed by a company that isn't FromSoftware, the studio that is supposedly working on the game has done quite a bit of work with the Soulslike genre in recent years. 

News of Bloodborne 2 officially being in the works comes by way of former video game reporter Colin Moriarty, who is the host of Sacred Symbols, a podcast that revolves around all things associated with PlayStation. In the latest episode of the podcast, Moriarty shared that, to his knowledge, developer Bluepoint Games is currently in the process of working on a new PS5 version of Bloodborne. After completing this remaster, though, the studio then is going to move to develop Bloodborne 2 as an original title of its own making. "They're re-releasing Bloodborne on PS5, as I understand it," Moriarty said of Bluepoint's current efforts. "But we're going to get a sequel to Bloodborne as I have heard out of them after that."

If a sequel to Bloodborne were to be in development within PlayStation Studios, Bluepoint Games is the developer that makes the most sense to work on such a project at this point in time. The main reason for this is that Bluepoint's most recent release happened to be that of the PS5 remake of Demon's Souls. That game, which was well-received by both fans and critics alike, seems to suggest that Bluepoint would be more than capable of creating its own Soulslike title. And even though the studio has been more well-known for working on remakes in the past, Bluepoint has already made clear that it's developing original games in the wake of being acquired by PlayStation. As such, much of what this rumor suggests seems to make a whole lot of sense. 

Still, what do you think about this new rumor associated with Bloodborne 2? Do you think that it's only a matter of time until the franchise comes back in some form on PS5? Let me know what you think either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.