Bluepoint Teases New, Original Game

With Bluepoint Games now officially acquired by PlayStation to be a part of the PlayStation Studios group, people are looking forward to what the studio will put out next under the PlayStation name. While Bluepoint is best known for its remasters and remakes, whatever the company's working on currently apparently isn't following that same path since it's said to be original content instead. It hasn't yet been specified what that original game might be, however.

Marco Thrush, the president of Bluepoint, discussed the studio's intentions to create original content in an interview with IGN where he said in no uncertain terms that Bluepoint is "working on original content right now." Following the legacy of remasters and remakes the studio's made in the past, Thrush couldn't talk about what the next project is at the moment but said it was "the next step in the evolution" of Bluepoint. He added that the developers working at Bluepoint are experienced themselves and aren't just limited to these remasters and remakes we've seen previously.

"Our team is a very highly experienced team, the average experience among most people is about 15 years, and all of them come from original development," Thrush said. "It's not like we're a bunch of developers that got trained up on making remasters and remakes. We have that original game development mindset in our hearts, and that's what we're now ready, finally ready with the support of Sony to push forward and show what we can do, and show what PlayStation can do."

Thrush did caution that whatever's being worked on now by the studio may take longer to release than what we've seen in the past with remasters and remakes. He said those past projects essentially came with a blueprint since someone else had already made the original game, and while there was still plenty of work to be done on those, he said "my default answer is going to be original development, of course, takes longer."

PlayStation Studios head Hermen Hulst reinforced that mindset by saying "We're not in it to get some quick results." That much was made evident by the delay of both Horizon Forbidden West and the new God of War Ragnarok game which were both pushed back to later dates.


Bluepoint Games did not specify whether its original project was a totally new IP or a new chapter in an existing IP.