New Bloodborne Game for PS5 Rumored to Be in Development at Bluepoint

A new rumor has emerged suggesting that Bluepoint Games, which is the studio that most recently released Demon's Souls and was just acquired by PlayStation Studios, is now working on a project associated with Bloodborne. Although Bluepoint itself has said in recent days that its current focus is on a completely original project, some supporting rumors have suggested that the studio is also working on a remake of a "beloved game." And while fans previously didn't know what this remake might be, Bloodborne now seems to be a possible candidate. 

This information of a new Bloodborne game comes by way of Colin Moriarty, who is a podcast host and former reporter that has covered PlayStation for many years. In a new tweet that was shared by Moriarty today, it was suggested that Bluepoint is now working on something that involves Bloodborne. While Moriarty didn't say what this project could be, he did say that the studio "may be on a journey to Yharnam." If you're not familiar with what this might mean, Yharnam happens to be the city in which Bloodborne takes place. Additional details about whether or not this new Bloodborne title would be a remake, remaster, or full-blown sequel weren't given by Moriarty. 

So how credible is Moriarty when it comes to leaks of this nature? Well, although he doesn't have an extensive track record of leaking game announcements beforehand, Moriarty is well-connected when it comes to PlayStation info. Currently, he is the host of Sacred Symbols, which is one of the biggest podcasts in the world that focuses solely on covering PlayStation. In addition, Moriarty used to work as a reporter and editor at IGN, where he specifically covered the PlayStation beat. Essentially, he happens to know many people that work with PlayStation titles. For him to be hearing rumors of this type means that there could very much be some truth to them. Still, take what's being expressed with the usual grain of salt. 

For the time being, we'll have to wait a bit longer to formally see what Bluepoint Games is cooking up next. Given how quickly the studio has pumped out releases in the past, though, it stands to reason that we could learn more about this potential Bloodborne game from Bluepoint in the coming months. Until then, be sure to keep following our coverage on the game right here if you'd like to stay in the loop moving forward. 


What do you think about these new rumors associated with Bloodborne? Do you think that it's only a matter of time until we see the franchise come back in some manner? Let me know your thoughts either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.