Borderlands 3 Gets a 6-Week Boss Event

Borderlands 3’s next event that kicks off on Thursday focuses on two of the things Borderlands [...]

Borderlands 3's next event that kicks off on Thursday focuses on two of the things Borderlands players love the most: Bosses and loot. The True Trials Mini Events festivities will last for six weeks after they kick off at 9 a.m. PT on Thursday wherein a different Proving Ground Trials boss will get super amped up for a week to give players a difficult challenge. If they manage to take down the foe, they'll be rewarded with some items the Borderlands 3 team picked out itself.

The whole event kicks off with the "True Trial of Survival" which takes place in the Devil's Razor location on Pandora. Defeat the beefy boss in that trial and you'll get two items, one from the base game and one from some of Borderlands 3's add-on content. The base weapon is The Lob while the add-on one is the Lucky 7, but in addition to those, you'll look forward to a chest full of Legendary items regardless of how quickly you finish the boss fight. The only catch with the weapons is that the one you get from the add-on won't be equippable until you actually own that DLC content.

You probably won't finish it too quickly either considering how strong the enhanced boss will be during the trials. The Borderlands 3 team said these bosses will get "massive buffs to their damage and health" with their "health totals in the billions," so taking on this sort of thing without optimal weapons and loadouts would be ill-advised.

After you've completed the boss for this week, you can wait for next week's challenge to see how you fare against that one. That process will continue for the next few weeks until this event ends on June 24th. At that point, the True Trials Mini-Events occasion will usher in the return of the Revenge of the Cartels event.

"A new True Trials mini-event will be activated every Thursday from May 13 to June 24," the Borderlands 3 team said. We'll update the schedule below as each week's True Trial is revealed. It's all leading up to The Revengence of Revenge of the Cartels, giving you another chance to thwart Joey Ultraviolet and his gangs of loyal goons at the lavish Villa Ultraviolet hideout."

Borderlands 3's event will go live in a couple of hours and will continue until June 24th.