Borderlands 3 Trailer Shows Amara the Siren Looking for a Fight

2K’s most recent Borderlands 3 trailer introduces yet another one of the eccentric Vault Hunters [...]

2K's most recent Borderlands 3 trailer introduces yet another one of the eccentric Vault Hunters featured in the new game. This character trailer focuses on Amara, a Siren who used her powers to pummel enemies with astral fists and other shows of force. A breakdown of Amara's Action Skills and some of the supportive abilities found in her three skill trees were also explored in a character page that accompanied the trailer.

Amara is one of the Vault Hunters that we've seen the most of so far through gameplay previews with the other being Zane, but this trailer gives a better look at her story and how she fits into the world of Borderlands. A champion of the people who's met with fame and praise for her actions, Amara is always looking for a fight. Because of how strong she and her Siren powers are though, most people don't stick around long enough to even have a fight. The bandits that make up the Children of the Vault cult aren't exactly known for their decision-making skills though, so Amara can find the fight she wants with them.

Some of Amara's Siren powers are previewed in the trailer and are better explained in the page on the Borderlands 3 site that helps players understand how to play as the Vault Hunter. Her Phasegrasp Action Skill found in the Fist of the Elements tree is one that'll capture an enemy in a giant fist so that teammates can pick them off. This skill tree also allows for quick access to elemental damage options which one game designer said is helpful early on.

"For an early advantage, Amara players can go down the Fist of the Elements skill tree and grab Infusion and the Soulfire Action Skill Element," said game designer Grant Kao. "This will convert a portion of your weapon damage to Incendiary Damage. Incendiary Damage is great for flesh enemies, so Children of the Vault bandits and Skags are very vulnerable. Paired with Anima, Tempest, or Wildfire, Amara quickly becomes an elemental wizard who applies DoTs to incinerate the battlefield."

Her other two Action Skills are Phasecast and Phaseslam which are found in the Mystical Assault and Brawl skill trees, respectively. Phasecast creates a projection which attacks everything around it with astral fists while Phaseslam sends enemies flying up into the air by smashing the ground.

Amara's trailer is the third one like this that we've seen so far with the first two being Zane followed by Moze. The last of these "Ways to Play" trailers should be for FL4K.