Borderlands Star Teases How Close the Movie Will Be to the Game

The Borderlands movie is a blank slate and Kevin Hart thinks that the project will be very close [...]

The Borderlands movie is a blank slate and Kevin Hart thinks that the project will be very close to the game's story. He talked to Collider about the upcoming film and the creative team is playing the story close to the vest. However, the comedian wants fans to get ready for something that matches the vision of the Borderlands universe as ita presented in numerous games. From the moment the movie was announced, there was some skepticism from some corners concerning what this movie would look like. Well, it seems as though things will be keeping it classic and that can only be a good thing.

"The fanbase that follows the game is already huge and unreal, but I don't think they even have a clear understanding of how close we're coming to the game. It looks like the game. It's unbelievable, truly unbelievable."

In the same interview, Hart talked about how Eli Roth challenged him to get the training right. He enlisted the Navy SEALS for help.

"He said, 'Kevin, if you tell me that you can show up prepared and that you want to come in and knock this out, then you're my guy.' So I went, I did some training with some Navy SEALS, I got real good with weapons, I got real good with my hand-to-hand combat," Hart told Collider. "And the experience here in Budapest filming Borderlands has been unreal. Cate Blanchett, Jamie Lee Curtis, myself, Flo [Munteanu], Ariana [Greenblatt]... I mean, our cast is unreal."

"He truly is knocking this movie out the park. And I can say visually, it's like nothing you've ever seen. Somehow I find myself in these spaces where you get a part of these IPs that are hitting the big screen and have the potential to become so much more. ... Borderlands, nobody knows what to expect, but if this thing comes and it smacks people correctly, you could be looking at Borderlands 2, Borderlands 3. It's that good," The comedian added.

Check out the official description for Borderlands:

"Lilith (Blanchett), an infamous outlaw with a mysterious past, reluctantly returns to her home planet of Pandora to find the missing daughter of the universe's most powerful S.O.B., Atlas (Ramirez). Lilith forms an alliance with an unexpected team – Roland (Hart), a former elite mercenary, now desperate for redemption; Tiny Tina (Greenblatt), a feral pre-teen demolitionist; Krieg (Munteanu), Tina's musclebound, rhetorically challenged protector; Tannis (Curtis), the scientist with a tenuous grip on sanity; and Claptrap (Black), a persistently wiseass robot. These unlikely heroes must battle alien monsters and dangerous bandits to find and protect the missing girl, who may hold the key to unimaginable power. The fate of the universe could be in their hands – but they'll be fighting for something more: each other."

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