'Call of Duty: Black Ops 4' Update Kicks Off Double XP Weekend

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 players have a new update to explore this weekend and can get twice the [...]

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 players have a new update to explore this weekend and can get twice the experience and other resources in all game modes. Multiplayer, Zombies, League Play, and Blackout are all offering players double the amount of experience and merits earned in each of the respective modes until April 1st. Also included in the update were a few stability fixes and improvements, but the most notable changes were the weapon tunings for both the Rampart and the Saug 9mm.

Treyarch detailed the contents of the new Black Ops 4 patch in a post on Reddit that went over all the changes and started with the news of the Double XP weekend. The bonus experience event is live until 10 a.m. on April 1st, and for anyone who's using the Rampart or Saug 9mm to get that experience, you may find that the two guns feel a bit different. The Rampart was nerfed so that it does less damage and the ADS-in speed was also reduced, Treyarch said, to bring it closer in line with the rest of the assault rifles.

"The Rampart has been slightly overperforming in its weapon class lately, so we've got some tuning changes in this update," Treyarch said. "Damage per shot has been reduced a bit from 46 to 40, High Caliber shots do 70 damage per hit to parts of the body affected by High Caliber, and ADS-in speed has been slightly reduced to better balance the Rampart against the rest of the assault rifles in the current meta."

Conversely, the Saug 9mm was buffed to improve the gun's range. An issue with the weapon's sights was also fixed to clean up the gun's look and function.

"We've also slightly increased the 6-shot range on the Saug 9mm SMG, and for those OCD players running the Daemon 3XB with iron sights, we've realigned a couple of pixels to make it 100% dead-center," Treyarch's notes said. "Yeah, it was bothering us too."

The update follows a more substantial one from earlier in the week that released new content into the Blackout game mode including two Specialist weapons. Treyarch's post also referenced the new Blackout After Dark mode that professionals got to experience recently.