New Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Details Have Leaked

A moderately sized Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War leak occurred this week to give Call of Duty fans their first look at the new game’s multiplayer mode ahead of its reveal next week. Through that leaked gameplay footage, we were able to see some of the first details about the multiplayer mode that have now been confirmed for Black Ops Cold War. Weapons, perks, wildcards, and more were all seen in the leaked gameplay with more on all those components to come next week during the reveal.

Gameplay from the Black Ops Cold War leak is disappearing online, but people are still capturing it for others to see. By watching the gameplay, you can see how one of the game’s modes plays out in a 6v6 battle that takes place in 1984 Miami. The match consists of two teams representing the DGI and the CIA in a game mode that tasks players with eliminating or escorting a VIP depending on which side you’re on.

While the gameplay itself will give you an idea of how the game will play, some of the more concrete details that’ll be recognizable to Call of Duty players come from the class selection screen where it shows the player’s loadouts. Through those classes shown, we see a number of different weapons, perks, and other details confirmed. Weapons like the XM4, Gallo SA12, M16, and then the AK-74u were all shown in the loadout options. We can also hear the players joking about how overpowered the shotgun is at one point during the match.

As for the perks, it looks like some familiar picks are returning to Black Ops Cold War. Those include Scavenger, Ninja, Ghost, Tactical Mask, Flak Jacket, and Quartermaster which were all shown at some point while scrolling through the classes. Some Wildcards were also shown beneath those with those Wildcards’ effects made apparent by what changed in the classes. With a Greed Wildcard equipped, the player is apparently able to have twice the number of perks to give them six abilities instead of just three. With a Wildcard that appears to be Danger Close equipped, the player is able to have twice the throwables in both the Lethal and Tactical categories.

This leak obviously doesn’t do the Black Ops Cold War multiplayer mode justice since it was only a brief snippet of gameplay, but we at least know some things about the multiplayer mode through it. We’ll know much more on September 9th when Activision holds its big multiplayer reveal.