'Call of Duty' Mobile Game Screenshots Leak, Show Classic Maps

Screenshots from Activision’s mobile Call of Duty game that have reportedly leaked show off some impressive graphics and the inclusion of at least one fan-favorite map.

The screenshots, which reportedly come from Chinese social media sites, feature various in-game shots of the Call of Duty mobile game that’s being created by Activision and Tencent. They feature graphics that could rival some console games despite the game still being locked to mobile platforms. A fan page for Tencent’s many games shared the tweet below that suggests the official release of the Internet giant’s Call of Duty game should be coming soon and says that Timi Studio Group is in charge of the game, the team behind Honor of Kings and the PUBG Mobile release. The specific studio is a fact that's been known since the game was announced.

If the screenshots are truly from the Call of Duty mobile game that doesn’t yet have another name beyond that, the graphics are indeed an impressive result for a mobile game. They still don’t stand up to the console and PC versions of the franchise’s games, but it’s still an impressive endeavor that would satisfy anyone waiting for the mobile product’s release.

Aside from the graphics, the screenshots also show off what appear to be several different maps that have appeared in past Call of Duty games. "Hijacked" is one of those maps, the Call of Duty: Black Ops II battleground that put players on board a hijacked yacht. The map was a small one compared to other games’ maps with the yacht built to have two side lanes and a cabin area in the center to allow for some verticality, a map that seems like it’d be a perfect fit for a mobile game.

Call of Duty Mobile Nuketown
(Photo: TencentGames_FanPage)

But more exciting than a "Hijacked" appearance is the screenshots that show "Nuketown" making a triumphant return in the Call of Duty mobile game. The map has appeared in more than one game throughout Activision’s various Call of Duty titles and has even been repurposed into an island landmass for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout map. Like "Hijacked", it’s a map that keeps players confined to a smaller area and would similarly be a suitable fit for a mobile game.


Activision and Tencent said when the game was announced that it would contain “beloved” Call of Duty characters, maps, and modes, so it makes sense that "Nuketown" and other maps would make an appearance. The mobile game doesn’t yet have a confirmed release date, but is planned for a release in China.

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