Call of Duty: Warzone Event Reveals Hidden Teaser for New Verdansk Map

The long-awaited nuke event in Call of Duty: Warzone is currently in full-swing. On Wednesday afternoon, the "Destruction of Verdansk Part 1" playlist went live for just a couple of hours, allowing players to experience the nuclear bomb hitting the island firsthand. Following that event, Warzone took the fight exclusively to Rebirth Island, where codes were hidden that unlocked new looks at the reincarnation of Verdansk, which will go live on Thursday. While most of these codes unlocked single images of locations in the new map, one of them actually reveals a short teaser trailer. is the mysterious website where players can enter the codes they find. The code "Oblivion" will unlock the trailer, but it's a little more complicated than that. Before we explain exactly how to find it on the website, you can check out the teaser below.

When you head to the website, you'll need to enter the code "Oblivion" in order to start searching for the video. Once you enter the code, you'll be prompted to allow access to your location. Then you'll see an interactive globe in the middle of the screen, with different "agents" marked around the world. Clicking on each agent will show you some details about them, but only one of them gets you the teaser trailer.

The map marker with the teaser is located just East of Europe, in the Western part of Russia, exactly where you'd expect to find Verdansk. Clicking on that marker will open a pop-up revealing the teaser.

It looks as though the leaks about the new Verdansk were right, and it will be a throwback version of the map we're all used to, rather than a brand new location altogether. The Verdansk map will be heading back to the 1980s in order to coincide with the events of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.


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