Call of Duty: Warzone Event Adds Rebirth Island Playlists After Destroying Verdansk

Call of Duty: Warzone's Verdansk map has fallen, an expected side effect of a nuke going off on the battleground. In its place, Activision and Raven Software have released a new series of playlists set on Rebirth Island, but there's a catch: It's a nighttime version of the map. three different playlists have gone live on that darkened map with some new info from Activision cataloguing the events so far and what's to come.

If you're fortunate enough to load into Warzone right now without issue, you'll find yourself presented with a couple of different playlists. The "Destruction of Verdansk" playlist is technically still live since its duration has been extended because of all the connectivity issues players faced, but the canonically current playlists are the ones set on the night version of Rebirth Island. Those modes include Rebirth Resurgence Quads, Rebirth Mini Royale Duos, and Rebirth King Slayer.

So, what are players supposed to do now? As we saw from the opening segment of the Destruction of Verdansk playlist, that was just Part 1. This next stage hasn't explicitly been called "Part 2" from what we've seen, but it looks like players will be playing on Rebirth Island instead of Verdansk for the next couple of hours. Activision's tweet about the matter said players should update their devices at 9 p.m. PT and hop back into Rebirth Island afterwards for more investigations with the next phase of the lengthy event taking place on April 22nd after 12 p.m. PT.

The latest in-universe update on the matter explained the change in playlists by saying all Operators had been re-rerouted to Rebirth Island, the smaller of the two playable maps in Warzone.

"Due to this catastrophic series of events, all Operators must re-route their infiltration efforts to Rebirth Island; this combat zone is now hotter than we have ever seen it in our five months of deployment here," Activision's blog post said. "Operational procedures are being put in place as RICO-W oversees Command and Control communications. We will, to the best of our ability, keep field operatives updated with future orders."


It always seemed likely that the event wouldn't reach its ultimate conclusion until April 22nd, and we now know that's the case. With Season Three in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War starting for everyone on April 22nd, it made more sense to imagine the Warzone maps getting overhauled on that day after the update had gone live.