Call of Duty: WWII Gets a Free-to-Play Weekend

Sledgehammer Games is giving PC players the chance to play Call of Duty: WWII for free, but only [...]

Sledgehammer Games is giving PC players the chance to play Call of Duty: WWII for free, but only for the weekend.

The free weekend was announced just recently through Steam and Sledgehammer Games' weekly update and is now live until July 22. It's just for PC players and only opens the multiplayer portion of the game to all players, but if you've still never played the newest Call of Duty game or just want to scratch that first-person shooter itch for the weekend, you can try it out now on Steam.

If you decide to stick around after the free weekend is over, you can get the game on Steam for a discounted price. It's 40 percent off right now for the PC version with the game's season pass also on sale. Aside from the discounts, there are a few extra details pertaining to the free weekend that were shared, those details seen below.

  • Only Multiplayer is available
  • MP Soldier progress carries over when you purchase the game (this includes loot/unlockables earned in MP)
  • Players who took part in past WWII Free Weekends but did not purchase WWII will be able to play again, with their MP progress intact
  • Valve is running COD Game/Season Pass discounts on Steam

For those players who already have the game and have had it for quite a while as they leveled up their accounts, Sledgehammer Games' weekly update gave them something to look forward to with a preview of the Master Prestige rewards. A short gif of the prestige rewards was shared within the weekly post with the same preview appearing on Twitter to show off the awards waiting for players who achieve Master Prestige 1,000. More rewards are coming throughout the various Master Prestige levels as well, so even if the rewards for the lofty level aren't within your grasp, you've still got other prizes waiting for you.

The weekly update also touched on other typical topics like the game's Zombies mode and which game modes offer double the experience points this week, all of that info seen through Sledgehammer Games' post.