Counter-Strike 2 Leak Reveals It's Copying a Feature From Valorant

The ongoing Limited Test of Counter-Strike 2 has provided some unexpected insight into what fans can expect from the highly-anticipated sequel this summer. While some have already begun to get their hands on the game, others have been digging through the files of the game to unearth anything interesting. Doing this, dataminers have discovered that it looks like Valve is set to rip a page out of Riot's playbook and copy a Valorant feature.

It looks like ahead of Counter-Strike 2, Valve has been working on its anti-cheat software. To this end, within the files of Counter-Strike 2 is code for something called "VAC Live," which in turn reveals two different messages displayed in the game when cheating is detected. One of these messages is simply "Cheater Detected." The other message is "This match has been cancelled by VAC Live." 

If this sounds familiar, it's because it is what Valorant does. When a cheater is detected in Valorant, the game is instantly cancelled. This isn't how it works in CSGO, but it looks like this is how it will work in Counter-Strike 2.

For now, proceed with some hesitation. The problem with datamine leaks is they either represent an unfinished product or potentially an old and scrapped product. For example, there are files about a rematch feature, but this is just leftover code from CSGO, which cancelled this feature a long time ago. The files in question are definitely new, but who knows what will come of them.

Counter-Strike 2 is set to release worlwide sometime this summer as a free upgrade to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. So far, the only platform that has been confirmed is PC, though some of the leaked files of the game suggest it could also be coming to mobile devices.

As always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you thnk. What do you think of Valve taking a page out of the Valorant notebook to deal with cheaters? Is this the right call, or should the CS: GO system be carried over?