Counter-Strike 2 Playable Beta Leaks Online

The beta for Counter-Strike 2 has leaked online. Valve is a studio that seemingly has no interest in actually making new games, for the most part. It's a company that went from producing some of the most innovative and acclaimed games of all-time to releasing barely anything at all besides new updates and hardware like the Steam Deck. Valve has the luxury to do this because it owns Steam, the most prominent platform to purchase games on and that has only grown stronger with the release of the Steam Deck. However, every now and then the company puts out a pretty impressive game that pushes tech further such as Half-Life: Alyx. Its next big game was just recently confirmed to be Counter-Strike 2, though it sounds like it's much more of an overhauled version of what already exists.

Fans are pretty impressed with the technical leaps the game makes, such as huge improvements on the smoke, which can move and expand based on the environment around it and be impacted by bullets and other explosions. Still, only a select group of people have access to this game right now as it's in beta, but that beta has leaked online. The files have been released online, as pointed out by Twitter user vx-underground (via WCCFTech). However, people who get in are only able to play by themselves, but for those who just want to see what's new, that's enough. It gives them the chance to play around with all the fancy tech and improvements, which are significant. We won't be linking where you can find this beta given it hasn't been officially released and is basically piracy.

As of right now, Counter-Strike 2 is scheduled to release later this summer. We have no idea how much the beta will differ from the final game, but Valve is likely using this time to implement feedback into the final game. It seems like fans are receiving the game pretty well so far, so it's unclear what will be changed.

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