Burnout Developers Criterion Games Working On New Game With "Melee Combat"

Burnout 3

Criterion Games' team has built a great reputation for itself over the years, between the highly memorable Burnout games (particularly Takedown and Burnout Paradise), along with its recent work on Star Wars: Battlefront II's vehicular combat. But, for its next project, it appears to be getting a little more visceral.

Per this report from PCGamesN, the company has posted a new job listing in which it's seeking out a new lead combat designer. The job calls for someone who is passionate about "all types of combat in games but in particularly melee combat" for a "brand new IP."

The listing also asks that those who apply for the job show a passion about "action and action/adventure games" and "physics and physicality in games."

"Criterion are embarking on their most ambitious projects to date, partnering with DICE on Star Wars Battlefront II and pushing the boundaries with our own brand new IP," the listing notes. "We are growing our team with fresh, talented people who can help us take a huge leap forwards.

"We are looking for a creative and passionate person to take the role of combat designer at Criterion. Working collaboratively with other designers, engineers and almost all other disciplines you will lead the design of combat within a AAA title."

That's pretty much all the listing details, but it leaves us buzzing about what Criterion could be working on next. While the team specializes in excellent driving games, it's also proven that it can handle action fare, with its side work on Battlefield: Hardline, as well as the classic first-person Xbox shooter Black.

But what if this next project actually combines the best of both worlds, with driving and melee-based combat? This might just be us, but that sounds an awful lot like Road Rash, EA's old-school motorcycle racing series, where you could knock people off their bikes with melee weapons while racing towards the finish line.


Criterion hasn't commented on what this project is yet, so we're merely speculating. But considering the quality of its previous work, we're excited to see what it has coming up. Maybe we'll learn more at E3 within a few months.

But, yeah, from our personal side, we're hoping it's Road Rash. Please.