Critical Role Debuts New Set for Campaign 3

Critical Role debuted a new set ahead of its Campaign 3 premiere this week. The hit web series showed off its new set, dubbed the "Tavern of Tales," in a behind the scenes video posted to YouTube earlier today. The show's new set is completely new and features LED lighting effects, a brand new table, and an elaborate set designed by professional theme park designers Shaun Ellis and Polly Hodges. The set was completed by "Flip This Bitch," a physical set construction team based out of LA that has worked with the Critical Role team in the past. Interestingly, Ellis's work was found by the Critical Role team after he shared concept art for a "Critical Role Land" theme park, following the start of a running gag by Critical Role Dungeon Master Matt Mercer. You can check out the full video below: 

Critical Role is a popular web series starring a group of voice actors playing Dungeons & Dragons. The series launched on Geek & Sundry back in 2015 and spun out into its own channel shortly after the launch of its second season. The show is credited as one of the reasons for Dungeons & Dragons' recent mainstream success and is widely considered to be one of the most successful "let's play" tabletop livestreams. Over the past several years, Critical Role has grown into a full-fledged media empire. In addition to its weekly programming on Twitch, Critical Role is also developing an animated series for Amazon Prime and has a large merchandise line that includes everything from comics published by Dark Horse to Funko POP! figures to young adult novels. Critical Role also recently launched its own tabletop publishing house. The series also has an active partnership with D&D publisher Wizards of the Coast, with two official D&D books taking place inside Critical Role's Exandria setting. Critical Role is also publishing their own D&D sourcebook Tal'Dorei Reborn, next year. 

The third campaign for Critical Role will debut this Thursday, October 21st, at 7 PM PT. New episodes air every Thursday, with VOD going up the following Monday on Critical Role's YouTube channel.