Critical Role Comes to Hot Topic

Critters can buy new Critical Role shirts and hoodies at Hot Topic. After several weeks of [...]

Critters can buy new Critical Role shirts and hoodies at Hot Topic. After several weeks of appearing exclusively at retail stores, Hot Topic is now selling the new t-shirts and hoodies on their online site. Currently, Critters can pick between five different shirts - a sweatshirt featuring the Critical Role logo and four different t-shirts. Two of the t-shirts feature artwork of the Mighty Nein, one shirt features the Mighty Nein logo, and the final shirt shows off the Critical Role logo.

Critical Role is a popular web series featuring a group of voice actors playing Dungeons & Dragons. The show has grown tremendously since its launch in 2015, turning into a multimedia empire that includes a full Twitch channel with multiple programs, live shows that sell out in minutes, and a popular Dark Horse comic book series. Critical Role is also teaming up with brands like Funko! and Random House to produce officially licensed merchandise, which likely will be appearing in stores like Hot Topic in the not so distant future. Critical Role also raised over $12 million to fund production of an animated series that will air on Amazon Prime later this year and has already been renewed for a second season. Critical Role has also teamed up with Wizards of the Coast to publish an official campaign setting book that will be released next month.

Critical Role's current campaign stars the Mighty Nein, a group of misfit adventurers caught in a war between two nations on the continent of Wildemount. Players can follow the adventures of the Mighty Nein every week on Thursdays at 10 PM ET on Critical Role's Twitch channel. VOD episodes are also available on YouTube and podcast versions of the episodes are also available.

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