Danger Zone Careening Its Way To Xbox One


A while back, you may recall that we reviewed Danger Zone, a strategic car crashing game from the team at Three Fields Entertainment. While the game has potential galore, it comes up a bit short when it comes to destructive glee. Still, for those yearning for a new Burnout-style Crash mode, it certainly fits the bill.

Thus far, the game has only been available on PlayStation 4. But today, Three Fields confirmed that it will be making its way to a new platform – Xbox One.

The game will be arriving later this year, and not only will it come with all the content we've come to expect from it, but it will also feature twelve new levels, along with three additional cars to smack into traffic. And on top of that, the game will also feature native 4K support, meaning that it'll look better than ever on Xbox One X when it releases on November 7th.

The company didn't give a release date on the game, only blankly stating that it would arrive sometime this fall. It also didn't note a price, though the original Danger Zone sold for around $12.99, so it'll likely be the same, or, at most, around $14.99. That's still pretty decent when it comes to stockpiling millions of dollars in damage in traffic situations, although we do hope that the team fixes the game's slight errors so we can have more fun creating the kind of chaos that would make our local State Farm agent flinch.


Danger Zone is available now on PlayStation 4.