Dead by Daylight Teases Anniversary Chapter

Dead by Daylight's players may have just gotten their first real teaser for the game's next Chapter that's supposed to be revealed during the anniversary event next week. The game's developer, Behaviour Interactive, shared a brief video this week lasting fewer than 10 seconds, but it's one that contains some noteworthy fragments of info which may point more towards the plans for the next Chapter. The event itself is supposed to take place on Tuesday, so it won't be long before we see the Chapter revealed in full.

But until then, we've got the teasers like the one below to inspect. Following the trend of teases for this game established in the past, this one provides precious little context about what the Killer might look like or who the Survivor might be, but if you look closely at certain details, it's very clearly a Chapter reference.

In the bottom-right corner, for example, it has "#24" scrawled on a cassette tape. The game's last Chapter, Sadako Rising, was the 23rd Chapter, so there's our first indication as to what's being teased. Opposite of that is a phone with an accessory that says "Ravages of the Abyss" on it. If we were big on bets, we'd imagine that might be what the next Chapter will be called.

There's what appears to be a new map teased in the pamphlet at the center of the image, and considering how the phrase "The Fold" is mentioned more than once, perhaps it'll be called that. Judging from the photos strewn about the image, things do not seem as cheery there currently as they did in the pamphlet.

The note to the left of the teaser is interesting too in that it says "Ask Jordan." Haddie Kaur, a character in Dead by Daylight who's referenced only within the game's Tome entries, has a brother named Jordan. What's doubly interesting here is that in our recent interview with Dead by Daylight creative director Dave Richard, he commented about how people are always wondering if the lore-focused characters may one day be turned into playable Survivors or Killers.

"So, I'm going to answer to that there are some secondary characters, unplayable characters, right? So, in DbD's lore, there's Benedict, that's been there since release," Richard said when asked about the possibility of a character like The Observer becoming playable. "Vigo, some other characters that appear in the lore. The Observer, of course. And players always bet. They always bet that one of these characters will show up as a Survivor or Killer down the line. So, of course it's something that we considered because we know that the players would love to see that. Is it going to happen with The Observer? Of course, like you said, I can't say."

Dead by Daylight's anniversary event takes place on May 17th, so expect to see then what's planned for the next Chapter.