Dead by Daylight Survey Mentions Bots, New Modes, and Ranked Games

Behaviour Interactive put out a Dead by Daylight survey this week to ask players for their thoughts on a number of interesting topics including bots, the potential of new game modes, and more. This follows other surveys in the past that have asked about similar ideas for the future of the game including what kinds of crossovers players might want to see. Behaviour has not committed to any kinds of these ideas in the latest survey just yet, however, so nothing's set in stone for the future of Dead by Daylight right now.

That said, the survey mentions some features that could potentially be exciting ones for players to look forward to depending on your thoughts on some of the things asked about. You can check out that survey for yourself here, and after taking care of some housekeeping info like listing your preferred platform and how often you play Dead by Daylight, you'll get to the good stuff.

"I would be interested in a new Dead by Daylight game mode, with different gameplay objectives," reads one of the first interesting questions in the survey. After that, it continues to ask about what kinds of objective-based game modes player would like to see and how players feel those modes would affect matchmaking times. In the same vein as the new modes, Behaviour also asks about a ranked mode wherein a competitive experience would exist alongside a more casual one with rewards possibly tied to ranked performances.

Another noteworthy feature talked about is the possibility of bots being included in the game. Dead by Daylight Mobile has bots already, and when we spoke to Behaviour back when the mobile game released, they suggested that bots and other features restricted to the mobile version could one day come to the main game, too.

While all of these features may be ones that players feel would be smart additions to the game, it's again important to keep in mind that a survey alone doesn't guarantee that these ideas will be implemented. The crossover survey put out around this time last year, for example, asked if players would like to see things like Scooby Doo, The Walking Dead, Demon Slayer, and Dead Space in Dead by Daylight among other properties. The Ring and Hellraiser are the only two topics from those lists that have actually made it into the game, so the ideas in these surveys are at least ones that have a history of being seriously considered for the game.